8-Block Sets

If your interest is in controlled "grow-room" style cultivation, these blocks arrive ready to fruit and come with instructions to guide you in the fascinating challenge of ramping up mushroom production. All blocks are certified organic, made from northern hardwood sawdust and other certified organic ingredients, knit together with a mushroom species of your choice.

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  • Chestnut 8-Block Set

    Chestnut 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit Chestnut Mushroom blocks. Each block is capable of producing about 1 lb. of gorgeous, coin-sized...
  • Shiitake 8-Block Set

    Shiitake 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit Shiitake blocks. Capable of producing up to 1.5 lbs. of mushrooms over a 90 day period. Keep...
  • Oyster 8-Block Set

    Oyster 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit Grey Dove™ or PoHu™ Oyster blocks. Reliable fruiters with big volume - capable of...
  • Lion's Mane 8-Block Set

    Lion's Mane 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit Lion's Mane blocks. An easy to grow, unusual and delicious mushroom that stops traffic at every farm...
  • Comb Tooth 8-Block Set

    Comb Tooth 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit Comb Tooth mushroom blocks. An easy to grow, unusual and delicious mushroom that stops traffic at...
  • Reishi 8-Block Set

    Reishi 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit Reishi blocks. Renowned medicinal mushroom with beautiful red conks with buttery yellow rims.
  • King Oyster 8-Block Set

    King Oyster 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit King Oyster blocks. The King Oyster is a dense, firm, and sweet culinary favorite that can be coined,...
  • Black Pearl Oyster 8-Block Set

    Black Pearl Oyster 8-Block Set

    Ready-to-fruit Black Pearl Oyster blocks. This mushroom is a funny combination of King Oyster and Grey Dove™...