Video Tutorials


  • Identifying Trees for Shiitake Cultivation

  • Inoculating Mushroom Logs with Plug Spawn from Start to Finish

  • Basic Log Inoculation Setup with Sawdust Spawn

  • Commercial Log Inoculation Setup using Hand Inoculators

  • Shiitake Log Inoculation


  • Growing Oyster Mushrooms in a Bucket

  • Choosing Straw for Oyster Cultivation

  • The Wedge Method

  • Oyster Mushroom TeePee Grow Kit

  • Basic Methods for Growing Oyster Mushrooms

Wine Cap

  • How to Build a Wine Cap Bed: The 3-layer Method

  • Wine Cap Identification

  • Wine Cap: Urban Agriculture

Hen of the Woods, Chicken of the Woods, and Brick Cap

  • Successful Cultivation Methods for Hen and Chicken of the Woods on Logs

  • Burying you Chicken, Hen, or Brick Cap Log

  • Harvesting Your Hen


  • Nameko on Different Wood Types

  • Identification and Harvest Tips

Mushroom Cultivation on Logs

  • Tree Dormancy: What is it, When is it, and Why is it Important for Mushroom Cultivation?

  • Is it too Late to Inoculate? A Lesson in Log Sitting.

  • Are my Logs Healthy? Three Checks Before you Inoculate.

  • How to Stack Your Logs for Winter Storage

Table Top Farms

  • Reishi Table Top Farm

  • Chestnut Table Top Farm

  • Pioppini Table Top Farm

  • King Oyster Table Top Farm

  • Reishi Table Top Farm

  • Oyster Table Top Farm

  • Shiitake Table Top Farm

  • Lion's Mane Table Top Farm

  • Black Pearl Table Top Farm


  • Harvesting Your Shiitake

  • Harvesting Your Lion's Mane

  • Harvesting Your Wine Cap Mushrooms


  • Caring for Your Inoculation Tool: Palm and Thumb Styles

  • Assembly of the Shiitake Express Drill Tool

  • Filing a Flat Surface on Your Drill for Adapter with Set Screw

  • New Inoculation Tools

  • Using the Okuda Wax Applicator

  • Choosing and Sharpening Your Drill Bit

Okuda Tools

  • Okuda Inoculation Stick

  • Okuda Hand Inoculator

  • Okuda Semi-Automatic Log Inoculation Tool

  • Okuda Fully Automatic Log Inoculation Machine

  • Okuda Wax Applicator


  • Almond Portabella Pizza with Asiago and Basil

  • Braised Wine Cap with Artisanal Butter