Okuda Precision Tools

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  • Okuda Wax Applicator

    Okuda Wax Applicator

    The Okuda Wax Application Tool efficiently seals sawdust or plug spawn. This high volume wax applicator can seal...
  • Okuda Inoculation Stick

    Okuda Inoculation Stick

    Extremely easy to use! The last inoculation tool you will ever need to buy. The stainless...
  • Okuda Hand Inoculator

    Okuda Hand Inoculator

    The Okuda Hand Inoculator will greatly increase your log inoculation output. Inoculates and seals the spawn with a...
  • Okuda "Pegasus" Semi-Automatic Tool

    Okuda "Pegasus" Semi-Automatic Tool

    If you are inoculating 1,000's of logs each season, the Okuda "Pegasus" Semi-Automatic Inoculation Tool will greatly...