Master Cultures

Take your growing to the next level with Field & Forest Products master cultures. Prior to expansion our cultures are cryogenically stored in a class 100 clean room, maintained, and tested regularly with protocols specific to strain. We guarantee the cultures to be 100% pure and vigorous to the parameters to which have been set in the Field & Forest Products laboratory and farm. Decide which medium works best for you below.

*These products are meant for the experienced cultivator. No instruction sheets will be provided and grower must agree that they are knowledgeable about the techniques and use of these products prior to purchase.

Cultures in our library are managed to maintain the reputable characteristics of each strain - preserving the original genetics responsible for optimal performance. Mushroom culture maintenance and use often involves many "expansions" of mycelial material. A general expansion progression could be as follows:

Long-term storage vial --> Mother culture plate or slant --> Grain bottle --> G1 sawdust or grain masters --> G2 spawn --> end use or further expansion

Cultures can be expanded further at several of these steps, however, with each expansion, there is an inherent risk of deviation from the original preserved culture. To reduce risk of degradation, expansion steps or "generations" should be limited. We offer a selection of cultures with industry-proven performance in a variety of forms depending on end use and needs of the grower.

All master cultures are made to order- please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

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  • G1 Grain Cultures

    G1 Grain Cultures

    Most commonly used to expand into G2 grain spawn, G1 grain spawn is only one step removed from the mother culture.
  • Slant Cultures

    Slant Cultures

    Slants (tubes) are used for sub-culturing and short-medium term culture storage and maintenance with less risk of...
  • Plate Cultures

    Plate Cultures

    Plated cultures are easy to work with, can be sub-cultured onto additional plates or tubes, expanded directly onto...