Plug Spawn

Plug spawn is mycelium grown into hardwood dowels which can be easily tapped into holes drilled into a log. It's a natural choice for small projects because it is easy to use, requires no special tools and is available in small quantities. Use an 8.5mm bit with stop (or a 5/16" drill bit) to drill the logs, and a hammer to tap them in. Once the holes are filled, seal them with wax to prevent the spawn from drying out.

Plug spawn is extremely durable - we recommend it for fall inoculations in cold climates and stump inoculations. Although it takes nearly 30% longer than sawdust to colonize a log and is more expensive than sawdust spawn at equivalent inoculation rates, it is an excellent spawn type choice for beginners and small projects.

Plug spawn comes in 4 bag sizes (note that 100 ct. bags are only available in kits and are limited to specific strains) - 100 plugs will plant 2 logs, 250 plugs will plant 5 logs, 500 plugs will plant 10 logs (only available in Shiitake strains WR46™, Night Velvet™, and Snow Cap™), and 1,000 plugs will plant 20 logs. These calculations are based on an average log size of approx. 40" long and 4" in diameter - about 50 plugs per log. Please note: We recommend a slightly higher inoculation rate for Lion's Mane and Comb Tooth.

Plug spawn is used to inoculate natural logs for Shiitake, Oyster, Lion's Mane, Comb Tooth, Reishi, Nameko, Olive Oysterling, Chestnut, and Turkey Tail mushroom cultivation.

The more you order, the more you save (mix or match): the volume discount pricing below applies to large bags (1,000 ct.) of any plug spawn variety:

1 - 6 bags: $45.00 ea.
7 - 10 bags: $39.00 ea.
11 - 19 bags: $33.00 ea.
20 - 99 bags: $30.00 ea.
100+ bags: $25.00 ea.