Brick Cap

Hypholoma sublateritium

Brick Cap holds off showing up until late autumn when you stumble across your logs and notice a long-legged red head at your feet. Grow it as you would Maitake or Chicken of the Woods, in hardwood logs that have been pre-treated. The pretty brick-red clusters peaking through the forest duff next to the buried inoculated logs are a delight to find when you think you have wrapped up all your cultivation projects for the season. Brick Cap has mild, sweet flavored firm caps with long tender stems. Logs will fruit in the fall for multiple years. We recommend oak as the wood type, though it will probably grow on a variety of hardwoods much like Shiitake does.

Our success in growing this mushroom on logs has been limited to "pre-treating" the logs just as we recommend for Maitake. Logs are spawned after pressure cooking, steaming, or boiling, and then inoculated and incubated at room temperature for several months, then partially buried outdoors. Fruiting occurs the first or second summer after planting, and for several seasons thereafter. Fruiting may first occur as early as August of the planting year or as late as several years post inoculation.

Brick Cap sawdust spawn is available in 2.5 and 5 lb. bags and will inoculate 6 or 12 logs respectively. Spawn can be purchased separately or as a kit (kits include sawdust spawn, autoclavable bags, collars, and foam plugs.

More Information and Tips for Growing Brick Cap Mushrooms
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