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Our Species and Strains Library

There are hundreds of mushroom strains in culture collections around the world today. Our task as a spawn producer is to determine which of those are useful in a cultivation setting. This takes many years of testing. Our library evolves with a quest to provide growers with strains that are stable, vigorous and adaptable to a variety of climates and circumstances. The strains below have all been tested and proven in their suitability for cultivators.


Lentinula edodes

We have 13 Shiitake strains which are divided into 3 temperature subdivisions (wide range, cool weather and warm weather) which indicates the temperatures at which they will generally fruit. All strains, regardless of which division it is grouped, grow best at 75°F while getting established (inoculation and spawn run), but actually bear fruit within different temperature ranges. There is usually plenty of overlap between divisions, but it can be safely said that they ALL fruit in the spring and fall, it's just a matter of when. Growers often utilize all 3 types to get the most production out of a growing season. We recommend a 80:10:10 ratio (wide range:warm:cool) when figuring on how many logs to inoculate from each category. Bear in mind that not all Shiitake varieties respond to force fruiting. The exception to this recommendation would be for indoor growers, who often prefer using strains from the wide range category only. Refer to the chart below for more specific information relating to each Shiitake strain and their division.

Shiitake Strain Chart


Pleurotus species

We offer 10 Oyster varieties from our strain library. These strains are outlined below into two charts - one for log cultivation and one for straw and other substrate-based cultivation. The Oyster varieties mostly differ in color and fruiting temperature. We recommend working with several Oysters to add color to your crop and extend harvesting periods. Refer to the chart below for more specific information relating to each Oyster variety.

Oyster Strain Chart Logs

Oyster Substrate Strain Chart

Other Specialty Varieties

We also offer a wide selection of other specialty mushrooms that are tested and proven. For these varieties (listed below) we offer a single, optimal strain.