Ganoderma lucidum

The fantastical and visually intriguing Reishi is a naturally occurring shelf fungus whose naturally lacquered surface emphasizes their brilliant rusty red and buttery yellow hues. Grown primarily as a medicinal mushroom (their Chinese name "Ling Zhi" translates as "mushroom of immortality"), they are easily dried for use in teas or decorations.

Cultivation: Reishi will grow outdoors on natural logs (best in southern USA, but can also be grown in the North if logs are protected from below freezing temperatures during the winter and the fruiting season is extended through cold frames or greenhouses in the fall), or in sterilized sawdust for indoor cultivation. Careful manipulation of light, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels determines which of two forms Reishi will take. The seashell like CONCH shape develops with abundant light levels, high humidity and plenty of airflow. The elegantly branched ANTLER shape forms in conditions of moderate light, high humidity, and minimal airflow - readily achieved with the use of a clear plastic bag or a large glass jar. Spawn is available in sawdust and plugs for natural log cultivation, and in ready-to-fruit Table Top Farms and 8-Block Sets for indoor cultivation.

More Information and Tips for Growing Reishi Mushrooms
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