Wax & Wax Applicators

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  • Cheese Wax

    Cheese Wax

    A clear food grade paraffin based wax that is used for sealing inoculation sites and is approved for use in certified...
  • Plug Wax

    Plug Wax

    Use plug wax to protect plug spawn inoculation sites without the hazards of using hot wax. This wax is pliable at...
  • Wax Daubers

    Wax Daubers

    Use these durable, reusable daubers to apply melted wax to inoculation sites. Large 3/4" wool ball holds enough wax...
  • Okuda Wax Applicator

    Okuda Wax Applicator

    The Okuda Wax Application Tool efficiently seals sawdust or plug spawn. This high volume wax applicator can seal...