Wine Cap

Stropharia rugoso-annulata

Wine Cap features a white stalk with a port wine colored cap. These crisp, slightly nutty flavored mushrooms are great for braising, sauteing, grilling and pickling. Besides being a choice edible, Wine Cap is also a natural soil builder, weed suppressor and attractive landscape ornamental. They can quickly be grown as an annual on straw, or as a short lived perennial if planted on a denser woody substrate such as wood chips. Wine Cap can fruit throughout the growing season, especially after a heavy rainfall or change in temperature. Beds can often produce more than you can eat!

Cultivation on Wood Chips: One 5 lb. bag of sawdust spawn will plant a 25 sq. ft. hardwood chip bed, 3-4" deep. First, choose an area that is mostly or partially shaded. The bed should have a soil floor or mulched surface, preferably free from weeds and sod. Alternatively, to plant one cubic yard of hardwood chips, you will need roughly 18-24 pounds of sawdust spawn. Locations that have been mulched like shrub beds, asparagus rows, blueberry beds, or under apple trees all work well. To plant, spawn is simply layered between wood chips.

Cultivation on Straw: One 5 lb. bag will plant a 25 sq. ft. straw bed that is 6-8" deep. Select a bale of wheat or oat straw that is as clean and weed-free as possible. The straw must be soaked in water for several days to hydrate and condition it. The result is a fully moistened and slightly fermented substrate that allows for proper growth of the Wine Cap mycelium. Select a bed location that is preferably at least partially shaded. Plant by sprinkling spawn between layers of spawn.

More Information and Tips for Growing Wine Cap Mushrooms

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