Wine Cap - (Stropharia rugoso-annulata) Sawdust Spawn

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Grown on hardwood chip or straw beds, Wine Cap mushrooms grow quickly and their port wine colored caps and white stalks are great for braising, sautéing, grilling or pickling. Use sawdust spawn for quicker fruiting the first year than you get with peg spawn. Sawdust spawn is more susceptible to drying out however, so it should be planted where it can be watered if necessary. Plant in partially shaded areas to reduce the need for watering.

One 5.5 lb. bag plants a 50 sq. ft bed of hardwood chips 6" deep. To learn more watch How to Build and Plant a Wine Cap Bed!

Volume discount pricing applies to large (5.5 lb.) bags only:

1 bag: $26.00
2 - 7 bags: $23.00 ea.
8 - 10 bags: $20.00 ea.
11 - 49 bags: $16.50 ea.
50-99 bags: $12.50 ea.
100+ bags: $10.00 ea.

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Great Results
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Oct 22, 2023
Oct 22, 2023  |  By Sue S., Crookston MN
The spawn came as it should, beautifully colonized, and the instructions were perfect. We planted with straw in several layers, and added more after about month. I had a great surprise this week, when I just on a fluke went and looked at the 10 foot bed, and had a huge winecap right along the edge of the bed. It had been exactly 2 months to the day that it had been planted. The next day I went to look again and moved some of the straw aside, and found 5 more ready to pop up! I cooked the huge one tonight with some linguine and it was great. Thanks for such a great product!

Excellent Sawdust Spawn
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon May 18, 2023
May 18, 2023  |  By Eugene H., Almond WI
Fully colonized bags! Just beautiful sawdust spawn! Good job!
FFP Reply: Thanks, Eugene!

Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Feb 21, 2023
Feb 21, 2023  |  By Apryl B., Salem OR
Our 2022 season was epic! Our first time growing mushrooms and we weren't dissapointed! We ordered the 5.5 lb Winecap sawdust spawn. We used straw to build our mushroom bed and alternated soaked straw and spawn, I think 4 layers total. Kept moist all the time. Our results were EPIC!! After the first fruiting the Winecaps just kept popping up all season! We enjoyed the flavor cooked in dishes and raw in salads. Even just snacking sometimes. We really enjoyed peeking for new caps every couple of days and our kids enjoyed it too! The spawn came well packaged with easy to follow pointers for cultivating these delicious and beautiful mushrooms! Will definitely be growing these again this year and maybe trying other varieties as well! We also appreciated the easy to understand information presented on the website.
FFP Reply: Thanks for the "epic" feedback Apryl (and for the photos sent to our email showing you fantastic harvest)!