Fruiting Blankets

Our blankets are outdoor fabrics that are used to enhance pinning and protect developing mushrooms on logs for best quality. Though the blankets are seasonably interchangeable, we use the Heavy Blanket primarily in the early spring and late fall to provide extra protection from cold temperatures and wind, and the Light Blanket mainly for summer production. You may need to double up layers of the Light Blanket to protect mushrooms during periods of heavy rain.

Our Heavy Blanket is cut in 12.5 x 10 ft. lengths, and our Light Blanket is cut in 12 x 10 ft. lengths - perfect sizes for covering a 10 ft. row of fruiting Shiitake logs stacked in an A-frame, or for covering 1-2 crib stacks. We also use blankets to protect cold weather fruiting mushrooms on logs resting on the forest floor from deer and rodent damage.

More Information on Using Fruiting Blankets

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