Log Suitability

Do you have a tree type that has been untested but you have singled it out as great mushroom wood? If only you knew for sure that the tree and mushroom species was a good match....

There are so many tree species in the ecosystem that have yet to be matched with a cultivatable mushroom species. We can make a guess based on the wood/mushroom species that are related to wood types or mushroom species that have been tested, but we won't know for sure until they are truly tested in the field.

How can you help? Help the mushroom growing world answer the question "what will grow on ...."? Fill out the quick application for wood species testing and send it to citizens@fieldforest.net. If we haven't tested, or are not in the process of testing that wood type we will send you the spawn free. In return, we'll loop back periodically to see if you had results, good or bad.

Have a wood species you're curious about? Fill out the application below, email it to citizens@fieldforest.net, and we'll be in touch!

Log Suitability Application
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