Extending the Growing Season of Shiitake

How do you make the most of your mushroom production on logs? This publication covers a variety of ways for you to extend your growing season and enjoy Shiitake year-round.

Maitake on Logs Study

Successfully growing Maitake (aka Hen of the Woods) or Chicken of the Woods can be a time intensive process. Read this write-up which will help you understand the best way to choose and pretreat logs for Maitake cultivation.

Shiitake Production on Red Maple

Traditionally Red Maple was considered an inadequate tree species to grow shiitake. After pairing with SARE and Misty Dawn Farm to trail multiple cut-timing trials we compiled information of when to cut Red Maple for higher yields and log longevity.

Developing and Marketing Shiitake Food Products

So you grew the shiitake, but how do you sell it? This write-up covers possible costs and methods for marketing. **Note: This publication is dated and pricing is not reflective for modern pricing.

Ecological Guides to Mushroom Cultivation

With outdoor cultivation on logs there are multiple factors to consider. From rainfall averages to temperatures you will want to know the ecology of your area.

Effects of Row Coverings and Fruiting Blankets on Mushroom Logs

If you have ever been curious as to exactly what the purpose of fruiting blankets are, know that we were curious too. Enough so that co-owner Mary Ellen took time to observe exactly what the differences were when you used coverings as opposed to not.