Wood Blewit

Clitocybe nuda

The Wood Blewit, pronounced "blue-it", is native to North America, is often found in the woods in the fall. It is a robust, bluish-lilac colored mushroom with a classic pancake cap and sturdy stem that's swollen at the base. Its flavor is earthy and slightly yeasty. It has a long, cool weather fruiting season, from September until freeze up. Wood Blewits seem to have a preference for layers of high nitrogen organic substrates and woody debris such as moist straw, bark or wood chips layered with vegetable compost, aged manure, composted hay or leaf mulch. Plant it in the spring, fall or even winter in mild areas. They often take more than a single growing season to fruit, so construct beds in an area that will be undisturbed for a year or two. A 5 lb. bag of spawn will inoculate a 25 sq. ft. area, 3-4 inches deep of organic material.

NOTE: The Wood Blewit is not a beginner's mushroom - This delicious mushroom can be easily confused with other bluish mushrooms growing in the fall, so you should be prepared and able to make a spore print for positive identification of this mushroom. Wood Blewit spawn is only available for shipping within the US.

More Information and Tips for Growing Wood Blewit Mushrooms
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