Wood Blewit

Clitocybe nuda

The Wood Blewit, pronounced "blue-it", is native to North America, is often found in the woods in the fall. It is a robust, bluish-lilac colored mushroom with a classic pancake cap and sturdy stem that's swollen at the base. Its flavor is earthy and slightly yeasty. It has a long, cool weather fruiting season, from September until freeze up. It seems to have a preference for layered hardwood and pine needle/pine chip duff mixed with layers of leaves and organic matter, making it a good candidate for seeding into constructed piles of yard and woodlot waste. Plant it spring, fall, or even winter in mild climates. Wood Blewits take more than a growing season to establish so make sure your pile is in a semi-permanent location. A 5.5 lb. bag of spawn will inoculate a 25 sq. ft. area, 3-4 inches deep of organic material.

NOTE: The Wood Blewit is not a beginner's mushroom - This delicious mushroom can be easily confused with other bluish mushrooms growing in the fall, so you should be prepared and able to make a spore print for positive identification of this mushroom. Wood Blewit spawn is only available for shipping within the US.

More Information and Tips for Growing
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