Pholiota microspora

Outside of Asia, this is a little known but very flavorful mushroom that grows on freshly cut logs just like Shiitake. Nameko is an excellent species to plant in Cherry, Sweet Gum, Sugar Maple, Ironwood, Box Elder, and 2-needle pines. Strictly a seasonal fall fruiter, Nameko sprouts in the cool wet weather of mid to late fall when daytime temperatures hover in the 50's. Nameko has a slightly gelatinous coating which, while it may be unappealing to some, disappears upon cooking and the resulting flavor and texture is excellent.

Cultivation: Nameko is grown much in the same way as Shiitake, in living green wood felled in the dormant season and inoculated in spring or fall. Inoculated logs should be placed in a shaded area directly on the ground (unlike Shiitake), allowing the spawn to grow throughout the log in a naturally humid environment.

NOTE: This is not a beginner's mushroom; you will need to become familiar with Nameko's characteristics to make sure you have a correct identification once it has fruited.

More Information and Tips for Growing Nameko Mushrooms
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