Citizen Science: Tree Species Suitability for Reishi Cultivation on Logs

This citizen science study aims to examine what wood types will work for reishi mushroom cultivation.

Reishi Mushrooms on log
Reishi Mushrooms on Totem
Reishi Mushrooms on Totem

Project Description:

Logs from Sweet Gum, Elm, Black Cherry, Ash, Red Maple were inoculated with Red Reishi in April of 2020. Logs were rafted (placed on the forest floor side by side such as in a raft) in different locations. There were 4 sets,  2-4 logs each).


Fruiting began on Sweet Gum, Black Cherry and Red Maple in June of 2021. No fruiting on Ash or Elm as of July 2021.


Two of the four rafts had a mix of log species; 3 logs per raft. The other two rafts were of Sweet Gum, 2 logs each, put in a low drainage area in the forest for increased moisture, these are not fruiting either.


Even thought the sample size was very small, it appears that Reishi, like most other wood decay fungi, prefers enough moist conditions to keep up moisture in the log but must have good airflow all around. It is possible drainage areas were cooler and fruiting has been delayed. Perhaps we will find out in 2022!


Geographic Location:
Peducah, KY
Project Start Date:
April 2020
R. Johnstone
Project Status: