Mixed Mushroom 8-Block Set

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Includes shipping within the lower 48! Mixed Mushroom 8-Block Set - 2 ready-to-fruit blocks each of Pioppini, Grey Dove Oyster, Lion's Mane, and King Oyster.

If you've been thinking about taking the next step in indoor mushroom cultivation from Table Top Farms (ready-to-fruit kits) to a more robust production, now is the time! This new mixed block set will give you a good introduction into cultivating different types of mushrooms in a grow room setting. Cultivation requires providing a fruiting area where you can monitor humidity and temperature. Your fruiting area can be anything from a small room with natural or artificial light and a basic ultrasonic household humidifier, but if you're just getting started, the simpler the better! If you are using a tub or terrarium container to house the block, reptile humidifiers are perfect as they can be set for slow, even humidification. A good plant mister is often all that is needed if you are simply tenting with plastic to keep in the humidity, a spritz morning and night per kit is often all that is necessary. Each mushroom likes a slightly different environment, but these 4 generally like temperature and humidity in the same parameters.

Time to First Fruiting: 7-28 days depending on mushroom species.

Fruiting Temperature: 55-70F (King Oyster definitely prefers the cooler range).

Humidity: 75-85% (a little higher than the typical/perfect household humidity of 50%).


Keep in mind that all blocks do not need to be fruited all at once! You can keep them tucked in the box they are shipped in; just place the box in a cool environment (32 to 50F) and take them out to fruit one by one over an 8-week period. Sorry, absolutely NO substitutions.