Woodland Plug Collection Kit

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Inoculate 6 Logs. Oyster, Shiitake and Comb Tooth (close cousin of Lion's Mane) mushrooms are three of the easiest to grow species in even the tiniest of woodlots and gives the cultivator a taste of growing these ecologically diverse and delicious mushrooms. Kit contains three 100 ct. bags of plug spawn: Summer White™ Oyster, WR 46™ Shiitake, and Comb Tooth, a 5/16" drill bit with stop collar, plug wax and 6 aluminum tags to label logs, plus instructions and recipes. You'll need two 3 ft. long logs (3-6" diameter) or two 2 ft. long logs 5-8" diameter. Sugar Maple is a universal log species for the three, but there are many other wood choices. Click here for Tree Species Suitability Chart. Make sure the wood is cut while it is dormant and inoculate when daytime temps rise above 50°F in the spring.