Woodland Kits

Growing mushrooms on logs is one of the most rewarding and sustainable ways to grow mushrooms. Logs will last several years and give you multiple crops in either the spring, summer, fall, or all! While logs need to be cut while trees are dormant (watch a quick video on tree dormancy here), we always advocate for cutting logs from trees that need to be thinned so that the practice remains sustainable. Oftentimes quality logs can be acquired from your local arborist or loggers if you don't have your own woodlands. To dive into when to cut logs, what kind of logs to cut, etc., visit the LEARN section of our website.

Plug Spawn Starter Kits are a perfect place to begin your mushroom journey. We recommend our plug spawn kits for beginners because they are inexpensive and do not require extra tools (other than a hammer)... plus, they are available in a variety of sizes so you can inoculate as few as 2 logs or as many as 20.

Another great option are Sawdust Spawn Starter Kits. We recommend sawdust spawn when there is a step up in production (at least 25 logs), or if you have multiple people inoculating, as using sawdust spawn for the drill-and-fill method requires extra tools and labor. However- sawdust spawn will produce mushrooms faster than plug spawn, so if patience isn't your virtue, opt for sawdust!

However, if you have larger diameter logs (6-12" diameters), we recommend using sawdust spawn and inoculating using the Totem Method. The Totem method is primarily used for Oyster mushroom production and does not require a drill or an inoculation tool. Instead, you simply cut shorter log sections (6-12" lengths) from these larger diameter logs and sandwich the spawn between the sections of logs as they are stacked vertically like a totem. Read more about this method by following the link to the Mushrooms of Many Colors Kit.

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