Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) Sawdust Spawn

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Turkey Tail is found in almost everyone's woods and is a powerful decomposer of stumps and logs. It can also tolerate bright light and open forest conditions while fruiting - a big difference compared to most other members of the tree fowl community where mushrooms are made in the shade, like Hen and Chicken of the Woods. Besides its ability to decompose woody structures quickly, it is also appreciated as a medicinal fungus and is a popular ingredient in teas and tinctures as it is too leathery and tasteless as a jerky.

Inoculate hardwood logs and stumps just as you would Shiitake and leave it to its work. Only in America is this beautiful fungus named after the looks of a turkey's tail. In Japan it is known as Kawaratake or Roof Tile fungus, resembling the gorgeous layered tile roofs on traditional buildings. This strain is aggressive and colonizes quickly.

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