Strain | Red Reishi

Ganoderma lucidum - GL94

This Red Reishi does best in areas of high humidity. This strain produces deep red-brown fruiting bodies that change to deep orange, to yellow, and finally to white where the active growing occurs. Easiest to produce conches with outdoor production but can be done indoors with careful environmental manipulations.

Red Reishi conches growing of out substrate blocks

Spawn run time:
On logs: 9-12 months On loose substrate: 2-3 weeks
Fruiting temperature range:
70-80° F
Indoor incubation temperature:
60-70° F
Suitable for cultivation on:
Logs, sterilized sawdust substrate

Available as:

Sawdust Spawn, Plug Spawn, Grain Spawn, Ready-to-fruit Blocks, G1 Grain Culture, Plate Culture, Slant Culture

Each spawn type is used for a different cultivation technique. Please read about spawn usage under our MUSHROOM SPAWN tab.