Strain | Olive Oysterling

Panellus serotinus

Olive Oysterling is a thick gilled mushroom with an oyster shell shape that fruits only in the fall when the temperatures dip into the 40°Fs. Despite its name, this mushroom is not an "Oyster", but is also commonly known as "Mukitake". This strain requires high-humidity for fruiting and performs best on logs low to the ground where humidity is highest.

a cluster of olive oysterling growing on logs

Spawn run time:
On Logs: 12 months
Fruiting temperature range:
40-60° F
Indoor incubation temperature:
45-60° F. Spawn run will occur outdoors at temperatures above 50° F.
Suitable for cultivation on:

Available as:

Sawdust Spawn, Plug Spawn

Each spawn type is used for a different cultivation technique. Please read about spawn usage under our MUSHROOM SPAWN tab.