Strain | Italian Oyster

Pleurotus pulmonarius - PP37

Italian Oyster prefers cooler temperatures and is a great strain for both production on logs and production on pasteurized substrate. Italian will have delayed pinning indoors on substrates during warmer months and may beed to be moved into a cooler fruiting area once colonized. This strain produces brown, thick-capped clusters with short and tender white stems.

Italian oyster mushroom clusters growing out of a white bucket with a black background

Spawn run time:
On logs: 12-16 months
On loose substrate: 3-5 weeks
Fruiting temperature range:
50-70° F
Indoor incubation temperature:
50-65° F. Spawn run will occur outdoors at temperatures above 50° F.
Suitable for cultivation on:
Logs, pasteurized substrate, sterilized sawdust substrate

Available as:

Grain Spawn, Sawdust Spawn, Plug Spawn, G1 Grain Culture, Plate Culture, Slant Culture

Each spawn type is used for a different cultivation technique. Please read about spawn usage under our MUSHROOM SPAWN tab.