Strain | Chicken of the Woods - Sulphureus

Laetiporus sulphureus - LS01

Chicken of the Woods is a yellow-pored mushroom that can be cultivated on oak. This mushroom is defined by its deep orange color fading to a yellow edge. While not as high-yielding as what nature will produce, this strain is an excellent choice for those looking to work on wild mushroom cultivation.

A cluster of orange chestnut mushrooms growing on logs

Spawn run time:
18-24 months
Fruiting temperature range:
50-80° F
Indoor incubation temperature:
50-60° F. Spawn run will occur outdoors at temperatures above 50° F.
Suitable for cultivation on:

Available as:

Sawdust Spawn, Plate Culture, Slant Culture

Each spawn type is used for a different cultivation technique. Please read about spawn usage under our MUSHROOM SPAWN tab.