Strain | Black Reishi

Ganoderma sinense - GS20

Black Reishi, or Ganoderma sinense, is similar to other Reishi in shape, but differs in its coloration, forming dark brown conches that fade to white. Black Reishi is suitable for indoor production on sterilized substrate blocks.

conches of black Reishi growing on a sterilized substrate block

Spawn run time:
On loose substrates: 3-4 weeks
Fruiting temperature range:
70-80° F
Indoor incubation temperature:
65-75° F
Suitable for cultivation on:
Sterilized sawdust substrate

Available as:

Ready-to-fruit Blocks, G1 Grain Culture, Plate Culture, Slant Culture

Each spawn type is used for a different cultivation technique. Please read about spawn usage under our MUSHROOM SPAWN tab.