Shiitake - #1 Son™ Sawdust Spawn

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This Wide Range strain produces premium, high quality mushrooms that are excellent in taste, shape, and freshness retention. While it fruits naturally both spring and fall outdoors using traditional cultivation methods, #1 Son™ was developed specifically for the High Speed Method for Shiitake Cultivation and responds well to forced fruiting. These mushrooms are a joy to harvest and the grading time is minimal. Spawn run time is 4-5 months. Fruiting temp range is 55-72°F.

This proprietary strain was developed around the High Speed Cultivation Method (greenhouse production) as developed by Fujishukin, but is also an excellent quality Wide Range strain for all growers who are using standard cultivation methods. Field & Forest Products is paying a royalty fee of $1.00 to Fujishukin for each bag of #1Son™ spawn we sell in the US to maintain the strain to Fujishukin laboratory specifications.

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