Shiitake - #1 Son™ (Lentinula edodes) Sawdust Spawn

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This Wide Range strain was developed specifically for the High Speed Method but it is also a wonderful strain for basic outdoor cultivation. It produces premium, high-quality mushrooms that are excellent in taste and freshness retention. Crops are a joy to harvest, with almost every mushroom perfectly dense, round and beautifully ornamented. #1 Son™ is a supernatural fruiter, with heavy flushes mid-fall. It also responds well to forced fruiting. While this strain is fast with first fruiting about 4-5 months after inoculation (temps permitting), the fastest production occurs when the High Speed Method is strictly followed. Fruiting temp range is 55-72°F.

#1 Son™ is a proprietary strain and is managed to keep its unique integrity. Sold in 5.5 lb. sawdust spawn bags and 1,000 ct. plug spawn bags only.

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