Pioppini Table Top Farm

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Ready-to-fruit Pioppini mushroom kit, produces up to 2 crops of long-stemmed clusters over 6 weeks.

The Pioppini mushroom has beautiful, deeply colored terra-cotta tinted caps, a smooth texture with long white stems, and usually grows in clusters. It's a culinary delight that can be easily incorporated into any dish. The entire mushroom - both cap and stem - can be used and it has a nutty, rich umami flavor and crunchy texture. Includes instructions. Video: Pioppini Set-up Video.

Note: To delay fruiting, especially when gifting, refrigerate upon receipt. Kit will remain dormant for up to 2 weeks refrigerated. Kit will start to fruit once it is brought to room temperature. Mushrooms take 9-12 days to harvest from start to finish.

Holiday Shipping: Mushroom spawn and kits are living organisms, so we will be scheduling all early holiday orders to ship in December (the weeks of Dec. 4th and 11th). We will also be shipping the week of Dec. 18th, but cannot assure delivery in time for Christmas at that point. If you would like to receive your holiday gifts earlier, simply add a note in the comments section to let us know when you would like your gift shipped.

Once you receive your order, open shipping packaging immediately. Remove kits and spawn and store within the refrigerator until you are ready to gift or use it.

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Grows Beautifully and Tastes Great
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Nov 9, 2023
Nov 9, 2023  |  By Vaneesha A., Capitol Heights MD
I made Pioppini Fries in the air fryer with olive oil and sea salt. The crispy caps taste like bacon... Yummy! I got two flushes. 1st flush harvested after 2 weeks, Second flush harvested 3 weeks from 1st harvest. It was fun to watch them grow too! Highly recommend!
FFP Reply: Thank you for the great feedback and especially the instruction on making the mushroom fries - we can't wait to try the method ourselves!

Pioppini Table Top Farm
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Feb 2, 2023
Feb 2, 2023  |  By Lori S., Fort Myers, FL
I was very skeptical due to my lack of a green thumb. The table top farm was fantastic, easy and a great conversation topic when I had guests over. If I had young children, this would be an exceptional learning tool and fun introduction to new foods. The mushrooms were amazingly tasty. I will now become a loyal customer. I am going for the oyster mushrooms next... to be continued. Proud to be part of this rotting world!