Okuda 13.5mm"Pegasus" Semi-Automatic Log Tool - wax sealant option

Item No. OSA13-W
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If you are inoculating 1,000's of logs each season, the Okuda "Pegasus" Semi-Automatic Inoculation Tool will greatly increase your productivity while decreasing the time and labor costs associated with the log inoculation process. Powered by high pressure air and using sawdust spawn, inoculated sites can be filled quickly. This wax sealant option requires an additional step of manual sealing with hot wax using daubers or the Okuda Wax Applicator (sold separately). The amount of spawn entering the site is adjustable depending on whether a foam cap or wax is used as the sealant.

This tool requires an air compressor of 2HP or greater, and a 13.5mm diameter or US equivalent drilled hole size

Please allow 30 days for delivery.