Mushroom Cultivation on Logs and Easy Substrate Projects Workshop

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Saturday, March 12, 2022
8 am -4 pm

$125 per person

Mushroom Cultivation on Logs and Easy Substrate Projects to Start Now Workshop In collaboration with SHIIGA this full day, comprehensive workshop goes over a gamut of essential mushroom growing projects for both the novice and advancing cultivator. Get first hand advice from our 40 years of cultivation experience - this workshop teaches successful techniques to grow a range of wood loving mushrooms for outdoor cultivation as well as popular culinary grow projects for the indoor cultivator. The workshop includes both seminar as well as hands-on formats.

• Learn about wood log selection for growing diverse groups of fungi outdoors

• Learn inoculation procedures, try out different tool styles

• Learn about growing mushrooms in buckets and bags, and how to adapt your culture to the indoor fruiting environment

• Take a hike through a laying yard, learn about yard selection based on permaculture principles

• See first-hand the looks of healthy spawn run vs weak and what influences appearance of disease

• Make up your own Lion's Mane block or Pink Oyster bucket, learn about substrate prep techniques for different groups of mushrooms

Coffee, pastry and lunch provided.

8:00 am - Registration at the Drees Community Center

8:30 am - Introduction

8:45 am - Selecting indoor and outdoor cultivation projects

9:00 am - Importance of accurate tree identification for growing mushrooms on wood logs, hands on tree ID, timing the cut and assessing wood quality, mushroom species and strain selection, checking spawn and inoculation quality.

10:15 am - Break

10:30 am - Making mushroom blocks with pelleted substrates and aspen shavings/straw for bucket cultivation, inoculation demo with Lion's Mane and Pink Oyster

12:15 pm - Lunch, questions, networking, travel to Field and Forest Products on Hart Dr. (3/4 mile)

1:00 pm - Soaking, stacking, forced fruiting and rotating logs, use of blankets, spawn run and disease, practical group quiz on log health

2:00 pm - Log inoculation and tool trials, building totems with wood species

3:00 pm - Q&A, tour of laying yard (weather permitting)

Please bring a mask, we will require masking for indoor activities

Registration required by March 4. No refunds for cancellations after March 7. Class limit: 35.