Lion's Mane - (Hericium erinaceus) Plug Spawn

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Hericium can be found growing wild on living trees in North American forests but may be cultivated on natural logs using a process very similar to Shiitake cultivation. Softball size clusters with cascading long spines make this Hericium one of the most breathtaking mushrooms. Lion's Mane has received attention in recent years for its neurotrophic capabilities by potentially keeping our brains strong. While Lion's Mane grown in sawdust culture can sometimes be slightly bitter, its log grown counterpart is almost always sweet and succulent. Patience is required for growing Lion's Mane on logs, often taking two years for fruiting to begin. Fruits in spring and fall. Lion's Mane is also available in Table Top Farms or 10-Block Sets for faster production.

250 plugs will plant 4 logs, and 1,000 plugs will plant 12-13 logs (about 80 plugs per log, based on an average log size of approx. 40" long and 4" in diameter). Please note: We recommend a slightly higher inoculation rate for Lion's Mane and Comb Tooth. See their instruction sheet for more detailed information.

*Please Note: Lion's Mane mycelium is light and wispy, leading to an "uncolonized" appearance in the spawn. This is normal!

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