King Oyster Table Top Farm

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Ready-to-fruit King Oyster mushroom kit, capable of producing about 1 to 1.75 lbs. of King Oyster mushrooms.

Solid, authentic, implacable. A true king, this mushroom looks the part, yet when it holds court with its subjects, it reveals a sweet, agreeable, pleasant disposition. This kit will not perform in temperatures above 62° F. If you do not have a place that you can maintain this temperature, please choose a different kit.

Kit will not be warranted if not grown in proper conditions.

Like all rulers, it flourishes with a cooler temperament (55-62° F). Slice the stem into coins and fry until golden. Dust with salt for extra riches. Includes instructions.

Note: To delay fruiting, especially when gifting, refrigerate upon receipt. Kit will remain dormant for up to 4 weeks refrigerated. Kit will start to fruit once it is brought to room temperature. Expect to harvest mushrooms 14-21 days after setting up kit.

Set up video: King Oyster Table Top Farm Set Up

Once you receive your order, open shipping packaging immediately. Remove kits and spawn and store within the refrigerator until you are ready to gift or use it.