CVG+ Substrate

dung-loving mushroom growing in compost
mushroom growing in compost

The CVG+ substrate is a combination of sterilized coco coir, vermiculite, gypsum, and composted manure. We offer the sterile grain in injection port bags separately for expanding the liquid culture of your choice which can be used to inoculate your CVG+ substrate.

Standard Growing Processes Using CVG+ Substrate

Process A

1) obtain a spore syringe/ liquid culture.

2) inject the spore syringe into sterile grain, allow 3-8 weeks for colonization

3) inoculate the CVG+ substrate with colonized grain spawn. While you can inoculate and grow directly from the bag, we recommend adding the CVG+ substrate and colonized grain to a monotub. This often leads to better results as there is more surface area for fruiting.

Process B

1) obtain a pre-made grain or sawdust spawn (such as Almond Agaricus)

2) Add CVG+ substrate to a modified bin (such as a monotub) and mix spawn into the bin. This will allow you to try to expand existing spawn into the CVG+ to use in an outdoor bed.

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Suggested Ratios for using CVG+ Substrate

  • one CVG+ bag will inoculate a standard 32 quart montub/bin
  • for larger bins, use up to two CVG+ bags and additional grain spawn for best results
  • customer should adjust the amount of substrate as needed for the dimensions of the tub to create desired substrate depth
  • typically a shallow 2.5-3" cake (depth of substrate) is ideal
  • growing tub/chamber dimensions are variable - the precise use is up to you!
  • we test with a 20qt tub with a lid gasket (seen above) - this is ideal for 1 CVG+ bag and 4lbs of grain spawn of your choice