Comb Tooth - (Hericium americanum) Sawdust Spawn

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Multi-branched and vigorous, this toothy mushroom grows exceptionally well on Beech and Sugar Maple, and other soft hardwoods such as Tulip Poplar, Aspen, Sweet Gum, Box Elder, soft maples, and 2-needle pines are all good species. It does not form the long bearded clusters like Hericium erinaceus. Instead, it appears as mounds of white froth; sweet and delicious. Fruiting occurs most abundantly in the autumn after the year of inoculation and for several years after that. While Comb Tooth has not been as well researched as Lion's Mane thus far for bioactive components, it is a definitely a culinary winner; always sweet and fragrant, regardless of the culture method.

One 5 lb. bag of sawdust spawn will inoculate 20 logs (4" dia. x 40" length) using the drill-and-fill method, or plant 6 totems (2-logs high). Instructions for both methods are included. It may take several years before fruiting occurs.

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