Chestnut (Pholiota aurivella) Sawdust Spawn

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The Chestnut mushroom, from the same family as Nameko, is thrilling find during its long blooming period on inoculated logs. The Chestnut mushroom shares the same rich coloring of ambers and yellows and the clustering growth habits of Nameko, but does not share the gelatinous coating and culinary thickening power Nameko is famous for. On the flip side, Chestnuts have longer, slender edible stems and bright caps, which add crunch, color and rich flavor to any dish, whether it's soups, sautés or a plate of scrambled eggs. This mushroom grows well on a wide range of hardwoods and fruits intermittently in the fall, usually a few weeks before Nameko. A heavy fruiter, logs give ample harvests for the first several years. Fruiting temp range: 40-65° F.

NOTE: Become familiar with Chestnut's characteristics to make sure you have a correct identification once it has fruited.

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