Black Pearl Oyster Table Top Farm

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Ready-to-fruit Black Pearl Oyster mushroom kit, capable of producing 1.5 lbs. or more of fresh mushrooms. Black Pearl Oysters are members of the very large and diverse Oyster mushroom family. The Black Pearl is unique because of its robust size and the sheer volume of mushrooms produced in a single kit. It is a funny combination of King Oyster and Grey Dove™ Oyster with its trumpet shape, dark suede-like caps and fat stems. Black Pearl kits produce loads of mushroom mass but with a softer texture than the super solid King Oyster; so get ready to chop, stew, roast or sauté! Fruiting temperature 55-62°F.

This kit will not perform in temperatures above 62° F. If you do not have a place that you can maintain this temperature, please choose a different kit.

Note: Kit will start to fruit once it is brought to room temperature. To delay fruiting, especially when gifting, refrigerate upon receipt. Kit will remain dormant for up to 4 weeks refrigerated.

Set Up Video: Pearl Oyster Table Top Farm Set Up Video

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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Feb 10, 2023  |  By Hannah L., Cornucopia WI
We are not big mushroom eaters but wanted to try these out, and we were pleasantly surprised. Round 1 was so plentiful! So much more interesting and delicious than any mushrooms we've ever gotten from the store, and So MUCH FUN to watch grow. It was so easy to do, my kids absolutely loved watching the growth everyday (so did I), and the suggested recipe was simple and delicious and opened a whole new world of eating for us. We'll definitely be trying others as well.