Yellow Morel Morchella esculentoides) Liquid Culture

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  • 10 mL Syringe
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This is the classic Yellow (white) Morel (Morchella esculentoides) that is frequently found in apple orchards, under Elm, Ash, Cottonwood and other hardwoods including Oak. It is occasionally collected in vegetated suburban yards that have seen some disturbance or decline of a shade tree in recent years past. We recommend colonizing sawdust as the form used to inoculate prepared areas outdoors.

Usage notes: Liquid Culture Syringes come sealed with a sterile needle and alcohol wipe. Prior to use make sure to thoroughly mix liquid culture with the aid of the air bubble within the syringe. Liquid spawn is best used in tandem with a self-healing injection port bag. Use aseptic technique when working with syringe. Use within 20 days of receipt.

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee mushroom production from this strain and consider it experimental.

30 mL Syringe: $40.00 ea.
10 mL Syringe: $20.00 ea.

The Yellow Morel produces a fine, wispy mycelium with a light golden color.