Shiitake - Thimble Spawn Starter Kit

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Out of Stock

Thimble spawn has been discontinued indefinitely due to supply chain issues involving the forms. We are pursuing alternatives, but until we find a reliable source, this kit will remain unavailable.

Inoculate 12 logs (approx. 4" diameter by 40" long). Get your mushroom garden started in one easy afternoon, without having to use hot wax or an inoculation tool! Simply pop each thimble out of the sheet, push it into a drilled hole. Each "thimble" has a foam cap already attached. Thimble spawn is slightly more prone to drying out than other spawn types, keep it refrigerated and use it within 4-6 weeks of receiving. Make sure to keep logs shaded and watered regularly.

Kit includes 600 thimbles, 12.5mm bit with stop collar, aluminum tags, instructions and recipe card. Thimble spawn is available September to June, and is made-to-order and ready to ship in 4-6 weeks.