Shiitake - Night Velvet™ (Lentinula edodes) Thimble Spawn

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Thimble spawn has been discontinued indefinitely due to supply chain issues involving the forms. We are pursuing alternatives, but until we find a reliable source, thimble spawn will remain unavailable.

This Warm Weather strain behaves more like a Wide Range strain; fast spawn run and good response to forced fruiting. Produces well in both northern and southern states, growing big, dark, plump mushrooms that are like picking apples. Thimble spawn is available September to June, and is made-to-order and ready to ship in 4-6 weeks.

Volume discount pricing for thimble spawn (1 sheet = 600 thimbles):

1 sheet: $40.00 ea.
2 - 10 sheets: $35.00 ea.
11 - 20 sheets: $3000 ea.
21 - 50 sheets: $28.00 ea.
51+ sheets: $24.00 ea.

NOTE: If you have purchased thimble spawn from us in the past, please note that the recommended bit size has changed for thimble spawn from 13.5mm to 12.5mm due to a change in the new supplier's tray size.