Oyster - Golden (Pleurotus citrinopileatus) Liquid Culture

  • 30 mL Syringe
    Item: LPC-30
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  • 10 mL Syringe
    Item: LPC-10
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A luminous citrine yellow mushroom with a tangy flavor perfect in small quantities or as an edible garnish. Provide extra lighting (600 lux) for this Oyster to achieve the deepest yellow color: In other words, for best results, supplement your regular lighting by placing near a south facing window when growing indoors. Fruiting temperature: 65-85° F.

Usage notes: Liquid Culture Syringes come sealed with a sterile needle and alcohol wipe. Prior to use make sure to thoroughly mix liquid culture with the aid of the air bubble within the syringe. Liquid spawn is best used in tandem with a self-healing injection port bag. Use aseptic technique when working with syringe. Use within 20 days of receipt.

30 mL Syringe: $40.00 ea.
10 mL Syringe: $20.00 ea.

For Golden Oyster we recommend using 10mL of liquid spawn per each 4 lb. sterile grain bag. Higher inoculation rates will result in faster colonization of grain.