Landscape Morel (Morchella importuna) Liquid Culture

  • 30 mL Syringe
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  • 10 mL Syringe
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The Landscape Morel (Morchella importuna) can be found growing in heavily mulched areas, and is often associated with landscape plantings and may have little relationship with the surrounding vegetation. We recommend inoculating in areas of mineral soil and mulching over with fresh wood chips. Note: this species is one in a group of morels successfully field cultivated in China and elsewhere. Fall planting is recommended with this method using sawdust spawn.

Usage notes: Liquid Culture Syringes come sealed with a sterile needle and alcohol wipe. Prior to use make sure to thoroughly mix liquid culture with the aid of the air bubble within the syringe. Liquid spawn is best used in tandem with a self-healing injection port bag. Use aseptic technique when working with syringe. Use within 20 days of receipt.

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee mushroom production from this strain and consider it experimental.

30 mL Syringe: $40.00 ea.
10 mL Syringe: $20.00 ea.

Landscape Morel is a fast colonizer with felted butterscotch overtones to the mycelium.