Chestnut Table Top Farm

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Ready-to-fruit Chestnut mushroom kit, capable of producing about 1 lb. of Chestnut mushrooms.

The Chestnut mushroom is a beautiful, rusty brown colored mushroom that grows in large bountiful, clusters. It's a culinary delight that can be easily incorporated into any dish. The entire mushroom - both cap and stem - can be used and its crunchy texture remains intact even after cooking. Includes instructions. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Note: To delay fruiting, especially when gifting, refrigerate upon receipt. Kit will remain dormant for up to 4 weeks refrigerated. Kit will start to fruit once it is brought to room temperature. Mushrooms take 14-28 days to harvest from start to finish, so be prepared to pamper this kit for a few weeks.

Watch a quick set-up video here!

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