Express Drill Tool

The Express Drill Tool is a modified angle grinder. This tool will greatly speed up the log drilling procedure and should give you years of trouble-free service.

The tool is outfitted with a custom made angle grinder adapter before it is sent to you. The lock nut was removed before the adapter was attached to the grinder; it can be found at the bottom of the box. This lock nut and all of the other parts in the box should be saved in case you want to convert the tool back into an angle grinder.

Check to be sure the adapter is securely tightened to the grinder. A black button at the head of the grinder, called the shaft lock, needs to be depressed in order to prevent the spindle from turning.

A high speed bit was also included with your Express Drill Tool. Bit sizes vary depending on what type of spawn is being used. When using either the Thumb Style Inoculation Tool or the Palm Style Inoculation Tool, a 12.5mm bit with stop is used for sawdust spawn and an 8.5mm with stop is used for plug spawn. If using any Okuda Tools for inoculation, a 12.5mm or 13.5mm bit with stop should be used (be sure the bit and tool size are equivalent).

To prevent potential problems with the adapter, a flat surface has been filed on the drill bit shaft. This flat surface will stop the bit from slipping and thus prevent any burring of the metal inside the adapter.

To install the bit, insert it into the angle grinder adapter, and tighten the set screw onto the flat side of the drill bit using the included hex key (allen wrench).

Be sure to install the side grip or handle before operation. This ensures that the operator has a proper hold on the tool during drilling.

There is also a guard included in the box. Use it to reduce the amount of wood chips going air bound. Safety glasses are highly recommended for this reason as well. Be sure to adjust the guard so that the adapter and bit are still visible. Please see the instruction manual included with the grinder for instructions on installation of the guard.

You are now ready to plug in your tool, turn it on, and drill some logs!

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