Spawn Storage, Use and Terms

Please open you order shipment and read immediately!

Thank you for your mushroom spawn order from Field & Forest Products. Please read the following for information regarding the care and handling of your spawn.

Unpacking your order

Depending on the spawn you order, it may arrive to you double-bagged, paper wrapped, boxed, or simply in the single bag or bottle in which it was grown. We try to use the most environmentally-friendly option possible. Exterior or double wrapping is often necessary to protect the spawn during shipping. Occasionally, despite precautions taken, the spawn container may break or split in transit, especially if the shipping box(es) encounters rough handling. The extra layer of packaging protects the spawn and most often renders it still usable, avoiding the extra carbon cost of an unnecessary replacement shipment. Regardless, you may have questions about the usability of the spawn.

What to do if the spawn container breaks open during shipment

Vigorous spawn is seldom prone to decline due to exposure to microbes outside the protection of the filter patch bag or bottle. Of more concern is spawn that dries out when the plastic bag is broken, which is why we double wrap most spawn. If your spawn bag has a tear or split seam, it is rarely a concern unless the spawn escapes the bag and rolls around the box in large airspaces, making it too dry for optimal vigor. If this occurs or if you have any concerns about mishaps during shipment, please take photos and call us so we can help evaluate its usability or warrant its replacement. We will not replace spawn unless there is documentation of the damage. Please contact us within 48 hours and be sure to photograph damage to both the shipping container and its contents. Meanwhile, always re-bag the spawn to prevent drying and loosely close the top of the bag so the spawn can breathe.

Appropriate spawn storage

Generally, spawn should be used as soon as possible. Even properly stored spawn loses vigor over time. We recommend following the storage guidelines below. If you choose to use older spawn, you should consider using a higher inoculation rate (think 30% higher per each month after recommended storage time has lapsed, to compensate for gradual loss of vigor.) We recommend storage temperature to be 34-42°F. Refrigeration at warmer than recommended temperatures will shorten shelf life and may put spawn at risk of fruiting in the bag which can affect the way the spawn handles when using it.

PLEASE NOTE: Pink Oyster and Almond Agaricus spawn CANNOT be refrigerated. Both varieties should be stored at room temperature until ready to use.

Grain Spawn should arrive double bagged. Remove the outer bag upon receiving. Keep spawn at room temperature if you will be using it in the next few days. For longer storage, refrigerate the spawn for up to 3 months. If you use a partial bag of spawn, store the remaining spawn in its original bag, folding the top down from the filter patch and clipping to secure. Pink Oyster grain spawn CANNOT be refrigerated and should be used within two weeks of receiving. Also, Pink Oyster grain spawn will NOT have a heavy white mycelium like other oysters. ***PLEASE NOTE: We do not warrant grain to grain transfers. If you are looking to create your own grain spawn please see Liquid Cultures or Master Cultures.

Plug Spawn Large units should arrive double bagged. Remove the outer bag upon receiving. Store the bag of plugs in the refrigerator unless you will be using them within the next few days. Most plug spawns are frosty white or coated with a white to brown leathery mycelium, all indicating healthy growth. Small units will usually be wrapped snuggly in folded paper which can be removed, or if purchased as a kit will arrive boxed which can be refrigerated. Plug spawn will store refrigerated for up to 6 months.

Sawdust Spawn should arrive double bagged or wrapped snuggly in paper, depending on the combination of products in the box. Remove the outer bag or paper upon receiving. Refrigerate the spawn if not using within a few days. Sawdust spawn can be stored for up to 3 months if refrigerated. Leaving spawn at room temperature for too long can result in mushroom growth inside of the bag which can affect the way the spawn handles in tools, plus there may be some vigor loss. Please note: Almond Agaricus sawdust spawn CANNOT be refrigerated, but can be kept at room temperature for up to 6 months.

Peg Spawn should arrive bagged and boxed. Keep spawn refrigerated until ready to use. Pegs will keep for up to 6 months if refrigerated.

Tax Exemption Certificates

If your business is classified as agriculture or forestry, you may file your states' tax-exempt certificate with us and you will not be charged state sales tax. Please email us a copy of the certificate and save! NOTE: If you place your order online, you will be taxed when the order is first placed, and then refunded when the order is processed for shipping.

Volume Discount Pricing

Volume discount pricing for spawn applies to orders placed at one time, not accruing over a period of time or season. Please plan ahead and place your entire season's order at once to obtain the best volume pricing.

A large order may be broken up and scheduled for shipment over a maximum period of 8 weeks. Standing orders that meet our highest volume discount quantity when placed are exempt from this time restriction. Volume discounts are relevant to the individual spawn type. Each spawn type has separate discounting schedules and rates cannot be applied across different types.


Delivery Delays

Field and Forest Products is not responsible for order shipments arriving later than projected due to inclement weather or carrier logistic issues. In March 2020, all carriers indefinitely suspended their money-back guarantee of delivery times (only exception is FedEx Overnight Air service which was reinstated recently). Therefore, claims involving delays are no longer accepted by carriers. As a result, once an order leaves our facility, we are no longer responsible for the delivery time of the order, although we can provide assistance in tracking orders and in troubleshooting the quality of the product once it is delivered.

If an order is delayed, lost, or returned due to an error by customer (i.e., incorrect address provided, omission of a different "ship-to" address, etc.), customer will be responsible for additional shipping costs to reship order. If order is not returned to Field and Forest Products, Inc., customer will be charged for replacement merchandise as well. If customer chooses to cancel the order instead, we will refund merchandise cost, once shipment has been returned to us by carrier. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

If an order is delayed, lost, or returned to us as a result of an entry error by Field and Forest Products, Inc., we will reship the order at our expense.

Damaged Shipments

PLEASE INSPECT YOUR ORDER IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL! Spawn and tools damaged in shipment will not be replaced unless customer notifies us within 48 hours of receipt. Please take photos of both the damaged shipping box/container as well as its damaged contents and email them to us at Carriers will not accept claims without photo documentation.

Returns: Spawn, tools, and other merchandise are returnable only at the discretion and approval of Field and Forest Products, Inc. An approved return authorization from Field and Forest Products, Inc. is required for return of these items. In the event that a return is authorized for any tool purchased, a restocking fee will apply. Customer must notify Field & Forest Products of any damaged goods within 48 hours of receipt.


All sales of spawn, tools, and other merchandise are considered final and are returnable only upon the discretion of Field and Forest Products, Inc. Customer must notify Field & Forest Products of any damaged goods within 48 hours of receipt. An approved return authorization from Field and Forest Products is required for return of these items. Customer is responsible for funding the return unless the problem originated at Field and Forest Products.


If customer chooses to cancel an order prior to shipment, the order will be cancelled and refunded the full order amount if payment has been processed, less the processing fees as charged to us by PayPal (with the exception of volume order discount commitments and custom orders).

Volume Order Discount Commitments: If order is part of a multiple shipment agreement involving volume discounting and the commitment has not yet been met, customer will be responsible for paying the balance due resulting from readjusting the billing difference based on actual number of bags purchased at the time of cancellation.

Custom Orders: Custom orders may only be cancelled if production of spawn has not yet occurred.

LIMITED WARRANTY & LIABILITY: We warrant that our spawn is vigorous, and capable of producing mushrooms under proper growing conditions. Because mushroom cultivation is like farming and depends upon factors outside our control, such as substrate quality, environmental conditions and maintenance, Field and Forest Products cannot and does not guarantee success in terms of mushroom production.

Field and Forest Products' spawn, cultures or other products are not to be sold, transferred, marketed, or assigned, without our prior written consent. Customers may only use, re-isolate, or further propagate our spawn/cultures for their own personal use and/or consumption. Please note that spawn used for this purpose or used in a way not recommended by Field and Forest Products (FFP) will not be covered under warranty. FFP shall not be responsible for consequential damages incurred in the use of their spawn or other products. Customer agrees that the limit of FFP's liability shall be limited to the purchase price of the spawn, tools, or supplies.

Use of Field and Forest Products' brand or product names, trademarks, photographs, product descriptions, written materials, and/or any other copyrights without prior written consent is also strictly prohibited and constitutes infringement.