Thimble Spawn

Thimble spawn has been discontinued indefinitely due to supply chain issues involving the forms. We are pursuing alternatives, but until we find a reliable source, these products will remain unavailable.

Thimble spawn is sawdust spawn formed into thimble-shaped pellets and topped with a thin foam cap that seals and protects the spawn from drying out, eliminating the need for wax. After drilling a 12.5mm* hole, thimble spawn is inserted using your fingers; no inoculation tool is needed. Thimbles are a good choice for large inoculation crews as it requires less supervision to get the job done quickly and correctly. Thimble spawn is always made-to-order and is ready to ship in 3-4 weeks.

Thimble Spawn is used for natural log cultivation of mushrooms, and is available from September to June each year in our Shiitake strains WR46™, West Wind™, Night Velvet™, and Snow Cap™.

One sheet contains 600 thimbles and will inoculate approx. twelve 4" by 40" logs.

*NOTE: If you have purchased thimble spawn from us in the past, please note that the recommended drill bit size has changed for thimble spawn from 13.5mm to 12.5mm due to a change in the new supplier's tray size.

The more you order, the more you save (mix or match): the volume discount pricing below applies to sheets (600 thimbles/sheet) of any thimble spawn variety:

1 sheet: $40.00 ea.
2 - 10 sheets: $35.00 ea.
11 - 20 sheets: $30.00 ea.
21 - 50 sheets: $28.00 ea.
51+ sheets: $24.00 ea.