Bleu Foot

Clitocybe sordida

Bleu Foot, like the Wood Blewit, prefers high nitrogen and woody substrates, but this species grows much faster - usually fruiting a full month earlier than the Wood Blewit. It is much smaller, grows in clusters, with deep lilac-colored caps that often have a funny knob on top. Their taste is milder than the Wood Blewit - sweet and earthy. Plant it in early spring by Memorial Day for same season fruiting. This fall fruiting mushroom appears randomly where there is plenty of surface forest litter and duff. It has a long, cool weather fruiting season, anywhere from September until freeze up. It seems to have a preference for layered hardwood and pine needle/pine chip duff mixed with layers of leaves and organic matter, making it a good candidate for seeding into constructed piles of yard and woodlot waste. Plant it spring, fall, or even winter in mild climates. A 5.5 lb. bag of spawn will inoculate a 25 sq. ft. area, 3-4 inches deep of organic material.

NOTE: Bleu Foot is not a beginner's mushroom - This delicious mushroom can be easily confused with other bluish mushrooms growing in the fall, so you should be prepared and able to make a spore print for positive identification of this mushroom. Bleu Foot spawn is only available for shipping within the US.

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