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Looking to make your garden exceptional? You've come to the right place! Some of the easiest ways to grow mushrooms are in mushroom beds or by adding mushroom spawn to your mulched-in plants.

Wine Cap Stropharia has grown in popularity thanks to its ability to convert woody material into rich, loamy soil and generally improving overall soil health. Typically planted into a straw bed covered with wood chips, or a strictly wood chip bed, Wine Cap is the perfect pairing for mulching-in plants, suppressing weeds, and removing toxins. Click the link for a video on how to build a quick Wine Cap mushroom bed.

If you're not sure where to find wood chips check out ChipDrop! Just sign up at for free wood chips! They even deliver them for you. :)

Wood Blewit has recently become a mushroom grower favorite - this pretty purple fall-fruiter will sprinkle joy into your end-of-season harvest. Blewit prefers to grow tucked into beds of woody material (such as bark), leaf-litter, and grass clippings. Curious to learn more? Check out our Wood Blewit Mushroom instruction sheet.

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