Yellow Morel (Morchella esculentoides) Peg Spawn (15 ct.)

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We have been working with Morel cultivation for years. Some trials are successful, but never to the point of honest, abundant reproducibility. This year, we are passing the cultivation baton to you, along with our best to-date instructions. We offer two species of Morels to play with. This spawn is not warranted to produce mushrooms, but is a fine bag of hope to experiment with.

This is the classic Yellow (white) Morel (Morchella esculentoides) found in apple orchards, under Elm and Ash and randomly in the middle of nowhere, occasionally in vegetated suburban yards that have seen some disturbance or decline of a shade tree in recent years past. We recommend pressing the pegs into mineral soils that have a fairly high percent amount of organic material. Fall or spring planting recommended.

Plants up to 10 sq. ft. Includes 15 pegs and instructions.

This product is not meant for sterile transfer and will not be warranted if you choose to attempt to transfer into sterile medium.