Olive Oysterling - (Panellus serotinus) Plug Spawn

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Also commonly known as "Mukitake," Olive Oysterling is a thick gilled mushroom with an oyster shell shape. It grows on hardwood logs; especially sugar maple, beech and oak. Logs can be inoculated just as you would for Shiitake. After 18 months, or when the logs are ready to fruit, lay logs horizontally and low to the ground, as the Olive Oysterling loves high humidity for fruiting.

Olive Oysterling may also be grown in the Totem Method if logs are placed in protected areas in fall for fruiting. This fall bearing mushroom fruits when temperatures dip into the 40's. Its velvety olive or toffee colored caps are excellent culinary mushrooms, fresh or dried. Fresh mushrooms, when sliced and sauteed, are buttery in texture, much like Chicken of the Woods.

250 plugs will plant 5 logs, and 1,000 plugs will plant 20 logs (about 50 plugs per log, based on an average log size of approx. 40" long and 4" in diameter).

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